By registering for our BULK SMS service you agree to use it for ONLY legitimate purposes. We will terminate, without any refund, any account that uses our service for fruadulent activities. WE HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR FRAUDULENT and 419 messages etc

You are responsible for the safety of your account when accessed from the web, mobile or desktop computer interface. Pls keep your login details, and password away from any third party. While using our offline service, your mobile phone gives some level of security to your account, but such security may become compromised if a third party uses your mobile phone to make request to our service. Any request from your mobile phone is assumed to be you. PLS DELETE TEXT MESSAGES that contains your account PCODE or PASSWORD after querying our server.

We respect your privacy, so we will do our best to protect your data, the much we can. We assure you that your private data would not be used for any illegal purposes.

UFUMES Management.

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